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21-22-23 March 202326-27-28 September 2023Virtual

Building Bridges 2023

30 ECM (21-22-23 March 2023)

25,5 ECM (26-27-28 September 2023)

The previous editions of “Building Bridges to Interconnect People” (BBIP) met with a comforting and somewhat unexpected success. Hundreds of participants interacted on the virtual platform, even for considerable periods of time. Interdisciplinarity and cross-contamination, which are progressively emerging in the field of clinical oncology, have found vivid interest in a large part of the audience that was not following passively the virtual events but in addition to listening had the real opportunity to interact with the experts. The format split into three half-days, both in spring and in fall segment of BBIP, was not interfering too much with the regular daily clinical activities.

On these bases, for the 2023 edition the steering committee of BBIP considered appropriate to keep the backbone structure of the 2022 scientific agenda but increasing the cross-contamination opportunities and designing sessions in which the more recent achievements across different neoplastic diseases are discussed in order to better understand which areas need further improvements and how the information acquired for a specific type of tumor can be useful in optimizing the treatment of another type of tumor.

In a period of time when the diagnostic and therapeutic innovation reaches more articulated decision-making levels, when the therapeutic decision must be shared with the participation of multiple professionists, not only medical oncologists, with the central involvement of the patients, an even higher awareness has to be reached to generate necessarily a new healthcare ecosystem that will influence clinical research and therapeutic choices.

This year it was decided to dedicate an entire day to female cancers to raise awareness and to share the relevant therapeutic changes that have taken place for the treatment of these cancers. Similarly, it was wanted to indicate how early cancer screening is a necessary step in improving long-term survival expectations, also considering the recent recommendations of the European Commission for the adoption of screening methods for lung and prostate cancer and, in particular conditions, for the gastric one.

New therapeutic strategies, new classes of molecularly targeted drugs, the integration of systemic therapies in the therapeutic plan of an early-
stage disease, the use of loco-regional therapeutic modalities in the treatment of advanced disease, the emerging of the radiopharmaceutical role, new ways of delivering radiotherapy, are areas of discussion

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